Ram Charan and Talent Mastery: Buyers Beware

My friend Guy Kawasaki recently asked me to join his review team for his new book, Enchantment.

Enchantment book cover

Since he is the master of viral marketing, he is now offering a Free e-copy of his first book, The Macintosh Way, to people who visit his book launch page. If you would like a copy, take these three steps:

1. Visit his fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/enchantment?v=app_4949752878

2. “Like” the page

3. Click on The Macintosh Way book cover, and download.

Guy has always contributed great ideas to the business world. This is yet another example. Thank you, Guy!

What are you waiting for? Download yours now.

P.S. If you want to join the Enchantment conversation and ask Guy your burning question, mark your calendar for March 9 at 9 am PT/12 noon ET. I am hosting a virtual book launch party with Guy. Teleseminar details coming soon!

Would you hire an obese personal trainer? Would you consult with a relationship expert who has been married four times? I didn’t think so.

Yet thousands of executives are hiring consultants who do not take their own medicine. Ram Charan is one celebrity author who needs to adjust his dosage.



While perusing yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, journalist Joann Lublin profiled Charan as follows:

“A white-haired former academic who says he will fly about 600, 000 miles and work 365 days this year, Mr. Charan says he has counseled hundreds of CEOs over the past four decades–including ones at General Electric Co., Ford Motor Co., and McGraw-Hill Cos.”

The premise of Charan’s latest management book, The Talent Masters, urges corporate executives to become obsessed with developing great people.He posits that the single most important competency required is the ability to create a steady, self-renewing stream of leaders.

OK, let me get this straight.It is acceptable for Mr. Charan to work and travel incessantly, but his clients should focus on self-renewal.In other words, they should operate under a different set of rules than he does.

Are you buying this story?

If business leaders managed their people as carelessly as Professor Charan schedules his commitments, most would be bankrupt.

The next time you consider hiring an uber advisor, ask them a few questions about their own business and personal practices. Do they practice what they preach, or do they just preach?

Caveat emptor.

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