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You would be surprised at the number of CMOs who work at growing, sildenafil dynamic concerns in absence of any marketing plan. Some blame it on lack of time; others simply prefer to “wing it.” In what camp do you reside?

A lack of a marketing plan is the expanded definition of insanity: doing the same things in the new year, and expecting the same results. How would a company operate if the CFO, VP of Manufacturing, and COO operated this way?…

How will you design your new year? Will you approach it mindfully, health or mindlessly?

In 2011, I attended a six day silent meditation retreat, where I had plenty of time to examine my emotional state and recharge my batteries. Over those six days, I never used technology except to read and set my alarm. Instead, I filled my day with meditation, spontaneous naps, walks in the forest, and silent community meal times….