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Dana and I decode a variety of marketing and leadership topics.

Last month, I enjoyed a chat with Dana Barrett on her radio show. We covered quite a few topics, including the death of traditional branding and the “terrible threes” facing CMOs.

Mindful marketing is a practice whose time has come: our annual CMO Innovation Trends study reveals that the main obstacle to innovation is too much focus on tactics and firefighting. And this complaint has persisted for five consecutive years.

That’s why I recently sat down with Phil Gerbyshak from the Conversations with Phil podcast  (33  minutes) to discuss mindful marketing principles that enable leaders to reflect and focus. Many strategies come directly from my latest book, The Mindful Marketer….

While speaking at the Adobe Digital Summit last month, viagra dosage I enjoyed meeting Maureen Goldman. She expressed interest in my newest book, viagra

I recently sat down with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone of MarketingProfs to discuss The Mindful Marketer. During this conversation, we addressed:

The main causes of costly and mindless marketing activity
How I define mindful marketing
The origin of intentional language, and its implications for marketers
Distinctions between cognitive empathy and affective empathy–and why marketers should care about both
Simple shifts that marketers can make to become more mindful, effective and focused

This was one of the first interviews I experienced where we had no agenda, no outline, and no topics identified in advance–and it was one of my favorites!…

I recently sat down with Greg Voisen of Inside Personal Growth to discuss my newest book, page The Mindful Marketer. Greg’s online podcast program provides listeners with quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development. He’s produced over 480 podcasts since 2010, more about and I highly regard his work. You can listen to our interview on “The Mindful Marketer” here!

In this 32 minute podcast, you will hear:…

My viewpoint on what I coined the “Digital Intrusion Movement,”