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I love discovering fresh ideas that can help B2B marketers can align more tightly with Sales. Our guest blogger of the month, Lisa Magnuson, describes the power of “Win Themes.” Her clients have experienced success with this model.

Keep reading, and be sure to download the Win Themes tool.

As you complete your marketing plans for the 2nd half of the year, viagra 60mg consider these fresh ideas.

I was just featured on Cincom's Expert Access Radio. What a fun show! Hosts Jay McKeever and Liz Harter kept things lively. Listen to this 42 minute replay and learn:

The only two options you have when your company's "honeymoon phase" has ended
Why traditional B2B marketing planning fails
The three indicators you are falling prey to Time Deficiency Syndrome (TDS)
Examples of leading and trailing indicators for small businesses and growth companies
Avoiding the pitfalls of abdication versus delegation

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I am pleased to include Ardath Albee’s latest commentary and prognostications on the future

of B2B marketing. Her insights into B2B marketing content and strategies is commendable. Enjoy and share your feedback here.



There are a few things bugging me that I'd like to air out. Over the last few months, I've seen and experienced some things that make me wonder if B2B marketing is evolving or stuck in the mud and applying old thinking that no longer works in a new context.

Here are some examples: