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Last week, order Jigsaw (a Salesforce.com company) hosted a webinar entitled “Four Strategies to Energize Growth and Thrive in the Recovery.” 

During the webinar, more about I examined four essential business planning strategies you must consider as you plan for 2011 growth. You will also hear contemporary examples of B2B companies who have discovered breakthrough service and relationship strategies in competitive market sectors.

Click here to download this 45 minute program….

I just spoke at the largest live event in my career–13, order 000 people registered! What an honor to be invited. Last Thursday, Chip Conley hosted my “Seven Pathways to an Energized Business” teleseminar during the Enlightened Business Summit.

Other featured guest speakers included NY Times bestselling authors such as Tim FerrissStephen M. Covey, and Tony Schwartz, plus CEOs like John Mackey of Whole Foods, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, and George Zimmer of Men’s Wearhouse….

ask “sans-serif”; color: #0f243e;”> I’m inviting you to information pills “sans-serif”; mso-bidi-font-family: Arial;”>the Enlightened Business Summit from Oct. 25-29th. When my friend Chip Conley asked me to join the faculty, I was honored!


The event features a fantastic lineup of top-tier CEOs, bestselling authors, and visionaries, all sharing their most important insights for free:


Names you might recognize include NY Times bestselling authors such as Tim Ferriss, Stephen M.

My community keeps asking me to provide videos to generate new business growth ideas, case discover new go to market strategies, approved and accelerate revenues.

You asked, site and I listened.

The YouTube EnergizeGrowth® Channel  is now live.

Every month, I will post fresh new content and CEO interviews on the EnergizeGrowth® Channel. You're invited to subscribe, and enjoy over 25 "how to"…


Patricia_Wheeler_200 The term "best practices" is SOOO yesterday.

In this guest post from Patricia Wheeler of The Levin Group, you will hear why.She proffers three strategies you can implement immediately to ensure you are defining the next big thing, and avoid falling behind the leadership curve. Without these strategies, you will find your products and services becoming commodities faster than the hottest song from Lady Gaga.


In her new book, information pills Adrian C. Ott summarizes the new 24/7 customer when she says "For innovators and marketers it is not about the TIME value of money; it is about the MONEY value of TIME."

This contemporary study of customer behavior in a time deficient world will expand your perspectives on strategic positioning and selling. Adrian gets to the heart of what motivates people, and has the research and models to support her ideas….

AMBULANCE Your business is a living organism – something that has potential to grow and thrive long after you’ve played your role in it. Yet many firms are still smarting from a very tough recession, and feel like they are on life support. The “new normal” has accelerated industry consolidation, longer sales cycles, fee pressures, and tight credit. If you are a seriously growth-oriented B2B company, what can you do to ensure that you swiftly return to wealth creation mode?


You may blame today’s services growth challenges on the “new normal.” Yet many services firms are thriving in spite of tight credit, cost-conscious clients, and escalating competition. What do they have in common? A practical, easy to understand growth plan and a system for consistently promoting their brand. 

Do you have a similar blueprint to succeed and thrive… or are you leaving your fate in the hands of a few good clients to keep your teams billable?

News You Can Use: The IMF projects global growth will reach 4 1/2% this year. The recovery is underway, find especially in the U.S., prostate Canada, decease Brazil and China. What one thing can you do differently NOW to leverage this positive trend? (P.S. "status quo" is not a viable option)

Here is the research summary: http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey/so/2010/RES070710A.htm

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Several months ago, Chip Conley and his investors faced a fork in their growth plan.

Conley, the CEO of Joie de Vivre Hotels in San Francisco, California and three-time business author, witnessed competing hotels facing potential foreclosure. According to Trepp LLC's Foresight Analytics,  about $5.6 billion in securitized mortgages tied to hotels is coming due this year and next, and 27.8% cover properties that are now estimated to be worth less than their mortgage alances. Analysts are forecasting that the hotel industry will not regain its full strength until 2013.

Conley had some tough choices ahead. He could either choose to stay small, ignore the pressure to bring in more partners to cover the difference (a form of benign neglect), default on a few properties, or attract more capital from new investors to fuel growth and acquire distressed properties. Ultimately, he and his team agreed to sell a majority stake in JDV to Geolo Capital and pursue the latter option.

I had the pleasure of meeting Conley this month, and how he intends to thrive amidst a dismal industry shakeup.

If you lead a company that is facing debt problems, limited access to capital, a critical growth crossroads, or a combination of all three, invest 17 minutes to hear Chip's sage growth advice.