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Do you consider yourself an agile marketer?

I am not referring to the study of agile marketing processes and techniques (although these are compelling, stuff contemporary methods worth studying, buy as mentioned in a previous post and in my newest book). I mean a marketing leader who applies rapid learning and critical thinking approaches to make informed choices, deepen customer and peer relationships, and deliver high-impact marketing programs….


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Let’s be honest. In today’s volatile economy, strategic growth planning and marketing innovations are easily pushed aside in favor of reactively averting poisonous arrows and perilous moats. 

Those hazards continuously threaten us—and often appear from a surprise enemy. How many of us keep putting our foot on the gas and have not slowed down to finesse these dangerous conditions?

We may not be able to control unforeseen events and demanding clients. What we can control is how we respond. It starts with arming ourselves with knowledge and confidence.

Knowledge begins by understanding the most common pressures our clients are facing: