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My book was just featured by GetAbstract, buy the world’s largest library of business book summaries.

If you are a busy person who seldom makes time to savor books, see this is the ideal solution. Check out the summary here.


My friend David Nour has just released his fourth book, Return on Impact: Leadership Strategies for the Age of Connected Relationships (ASAE, 2012), and not a moment too soon. In this resource-rich book, David elevates social from "doing"–networking, media, and collaboration–to "becoming" a more socially enabled organization through social market leadership. 

If I hear one more corporate trainer or consultant spew Myers Briggs acronyms, I may just explode.

You have heard this in the past. "I am an ENTJ; therefore, I lead people and communicate in the following way…"

Some consultants even earn their living creating profiles of the "ideal leader" for each key marketing, sales, or management position within their client organization.