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Have you announced layoffs?  Are your people doing the jobs of several people? Worried they will resign when times improve?

You should be.

But wait–Inc. Magazine provides inspiration.  Listen to these 8 tips from 8 CEOs on how to keep your best people in the downturn, and get the most from your people:

(My favorite tips come from Chip Conley and Barbara Corcoran):

Which tip will you try in your next team meeting?…

Many of you are asking about my book. Who will benefit? Why should I read it?  How many cases of books should I order (ok, maybe they are not asking that…YET!). 

Information Strategies' Small Business Digest recently interviewed me to learn more about "EnergizeGrowth NOW:  The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company. "These excerpts will give you some ideas on what motivated me to write the book and who will benefit the most from it.


Today I hosted a worldwide conference call for my private newsletter subscribers and clients. This information-packed call provides you with:

Five reasons why companies will fail during this recession
The true definition of a wealthy business
Five strategies to guarantee profitable growth in 2009 (a MUST for any business owner)
My latest group offering for peer groups for business owners – and how to apply


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Whenever you launch a new growth plan, expect the unexpected.

You WILL meet resistance.  Some of it is obvious; some of it clandestine. And the latter is the biggest threat of all.

Understanding the potential forms of resistance may save your plan from becoming yet another academic exercise that leads to nowhere.

During difficult economic times, executives tend to obsess over key performance indicators and profitability to keep their companies humming.  And rightly so. 

However, in many cases, company performance dashboards can give you a false sense of security.  If you think they are the ultimate source of predicting customer loyalty and growth, you will be disappointed—and your dashboard will break.

Have you ever received a completely cryptic letter from your bank warning you about a potential security breach of your account?
I certainly have–and it really drove me crazy. 
First, the letter contained no salutation–only a fraction of our account number.  What a great way to emotionally bond with your customer.
Then the letter read:
"In our ongoing commitment to your security and privacy, we are writing to inform you that we have been advised of a potential compromise of your check card.  Heartland Payment Systems, Inc., a card payment processor of over 100 million transactions per month, informed us of a potential security issue that may include your VISA check card number."

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