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In these challenging times, you need ideas you can implement immediately. You want to learn what's working and emulate those business practices.

My meeting last week with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh reinforced my belief that it is possible to grow, even during these difficult times.

How can a shuttle driver affect a company's valuation and brand?

In every way you can imagine.

Jo_zapposI had the pleasure today of visiting Zappos in Henderson, Nevada.  My first exposure to the Zappos Way arrived at my hotel doorstep.  She drove the Zappos shuttle, and her name is Jo.  Her passion for Zappos' culture and values was downright infectious. 

Listen to what Jo had to say about Zappos values, and why she loves working  there.

Well worth the 3 minutes.
Click to watch Jo from Zappos Video here.

Is your business growth outpacing your strategic marketing plan?

This is good news and bad news…

The good news is that you are probably too busy delivering great services and products to your clients. You just cannot find that precious time to work ON your business.

The bad news is that your website is probably giving people an impression of your former self.

I recently interviewed Chad Barr of CB Software Systems.  He and his savvy web team are helping dozens of high performing growth companies leverage technology to market their firm.  His clients include Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting Group – a true pioneer in building online communities and powerful content.

How do you drive innovation and better serve your clients during an economic downturn?

I recommend you apply the simple yet profound “123 Framework” from Vijay Govindarajan, Professor, Dartmouth School of Business.


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