Part 1 – Lisa’s interview with Zappos Tony Hsieh

In these challenging times, you need ideas you can implement immediately. You want to learn what’s working and emulate those business practices.

My meeting last week with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh reinforced my belief that it is possible to grow, even during these difficult times.

Tony and his team have grown into a shoe and clothing juggernaut generating $1B within nine years. And their methods of creating a loyal, fun company culture are downright unconventional.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing Tony’s strategy lessons and customer service success stories with you. I will post a new 2-3 minute video clip frequently, so check often.

To hear about the birth of the Zappos brand, and his company is doing to sustain a customer service obsessed culture, return often to my blog. Sign up for RSS feeds to be the first to receive future video clips. I will be posting more Zappos articles and valuable tips over the next month.


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Was that wealth building idea worth 45 seconds of your time? I trust it was.

Program #1: The birth and traits of the Zappos Brand

Program #2: How customer service leaders think, and Tony’s view on social media

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