Zappos Culture Secrets Revealed

Do you believe strongly enough in your company’s culture to share it with the world–unfiltered?
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh does.

You see, Zappos publishes an annual Culture Book. You can actually order a copy and read it.
Even if you are a competitor. (learn more by watching my brief interview with Tony below)

Inside their annual Zappos 2008 Culture Book, you will find all kinds of revealing comments across multiple Zappos departments and locations. In fact, it contains 479 pages of company gatherings, photos, collages, and myriad Zappos homages.

Most comments are simply effusive; others are neutral. Some people treat their office mates like family; a few feel somewhat isolated. Overall, the comments are extremely positive.

What matters is that Zappos leadership team is SO confident in their culture that they are willing to share it, warts and all.

If you hired a roving reporter to interview your employees and post their unedited replies, what would they say?

You know you have conquered alot of growth limitations when you can proudly publish your company culture quips.

Go ahead. Publish one. I dare you.

P.S. Here is living proof that Zappos’ intentions line up with their behaviors. They pay new employees a $2,000 bonus to LEAVE after they complete orientation. If they decline, Tony expects their chances of succeeding in Zappos’ culture increases dramatically.

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