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May 27th marks the one year anniversary of my Dad's passing. Coincidentally, Dad served our country in World War II, so this time of year is especially significant to me.  Edgar George Lizotte left an indelible impression on me.  If it weren't for him, I would not be as committed to lifelong learning as I am today.

I am sharing below my tribute to my Dear Old Dad.  I hope this letter, which celebrates his life, inspires you to acknowledge a mentor in your life, and the many women and men who have proudly and fearlessly served our country.

Vancouver Oct 2006 

If we are leading growth companies, we have an obligation to our communities, our clients, and our employees.

We are in a strong position to fulfill this obligation.  Our revenues are solid, we boast marquis clients, and are respected in our field. Our clients look to us to lead the way on many fronts.

This is an ideal time to inspire our clients, help them focus on key priorities, and give them hope. Here are five ways you can bolster their confidence.  You will help them—and your business—thrive during these volatile times:

In our last posting, we looked at how our company values and beliefs play a pivotal role in our strategic growth planning activity. 

If you ignore your company's mindsets during the strategic planning or marketing planning process, your plan will fail.

Consider these five additional areas, and face them “head on” with your teams.  They include: attitudes, memories, decisions, your language, and thought patterns.  I promise you will break down some of the common barriers to growth. Here's more detail:

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