Strategic Thinking and Unplugging – The Rancho Santa Fe Way

How can you supercharge your organization before the new year arrives?

Unplug. Yes, that’s right.  Move away from your computer.


Here is the fortuitous event occurred this week during my visit to Rancho Santa Fe, California.

While I was packing for my trip, I mistakenly left half of my laptop power cord in my office. I was unable to check emails, so I suddenly had white space on my calendar.  Needless to say, it forced me to spend more time socializing and savoring the facility at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe.
Staying unplugged from my computer for 24 hours allowed me to:

* re-unite with some old friends from Encinitas
* meet with a top-notch agent over dinner, and tease out some new ideas for my next book
* walk in the rose garden
* discuss a new bestselling book, “The Inside of a Dog – What Dogs See, Smell and Know” by Alexandra Horowitz
* take a 3- minute hike by the beach

This much-welcome break helped me wake up re-energized today.
When I am re-energized, I can see patterns and metaphors more readily.
I can be more present for my clients and act more confidently.

What about you?  What would you accomplish if you unplugged for one day?

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