Accenture Almost Releases the Tiger – Half-Baked Strategy?

In my previous post, I expressed my concerns with Accenture’s slow response to the Tiger Woods pandemonium.  Within just three days, Accenture announced that they have terminated their six-year Tiger Woods sponsorship.

Here is their official statement: “After careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising.

In spite of this termination, Accenture continues to display images of Tiger Woods in airport billboards. Lesson learned: If you are going to change your strategy–whether it’s a marketing strategy, a company strategy, or a sales strategy–follow through and communicate across every touch point.  Leaving these ads in airports only invites ridicule and looks downright unprofessional.

What are your thoughts regarding Accentures’s new strategic move?

Share your comments here.

For more details, click on this Wall Street Journal article.



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