Kick Start Your 2010 Strategic Growth Plan

Welcome to the new millennium!

Within the past 30 days, I have logged 5,500 airline miles and interacted with over 100 business leaders from Providence to Portland. Everywhere I travel, I am encouraged.  Executives are expressing optimism and hope for 2010.  Even leaders from the top banks– one of the most conservative (and precarious) sectors of our economy — are investing again in growth and innovation.

Maintaining a positive outlook is a good start.  Yet few companies are clear about where they need to invest to harness the economic recovery.  Instead, they are taking a “wait and see” attitude while their competitors pounce on new markets and innovations.

How can you harness the economic recovery and create a more sustainable company…and perhaps even position your business for sale in the future?

Here is how you can kick-start your strategic growth plan for 2010.

The Wealthy Company Scorecard™ is designed to help you discover where your company excels at growth planning and marketing, and areas that need attention.

This complimentary Scorecard requires just 6-8 minutes of your time. Upon completion of the confidential survey, you will know exactly where to focus your team, talent, and energy in 2010.  You will also receive straightforward advice and hand-picked resources to help you address the gaps in your growth plan.


Invest the next six minutes in your success…you will be glad you did.

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