The Mobex Effect: More White Space for Growth Planning

It seems as if fewer and fewer people create time to reflect these days.”White space” on the calendar is a luxury, not a norm.  As I meandered through the Columbia Sportswear store in the Portland Airport last Wednesday, I stumbled across a new product that not only excited me but serves as a perfect tool for people in search of a balanced life.

For all of you who are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and overweighted with too many commitments, I have found the perfect solution to lighten your load.

Columbia Sportswear new backpack
The New Mobex backpacks (courtesy Magnus Nirell) 


1. Track your activities for one week. That’s right, one week.  Create a log and track how you are spending your time. Sound mundane? Do it anyway. Trust me on this.
2. Categorize activities by “urgent” and “important.”

3. Calculate how much white space remains at the end of the week. White space represents the time you allow for personal, family, creativity, or surprise business issues or client activities that arise.
3. At the end of the week, calculate what percentage of your time is spent in each category.
4. Identify which activities you can drop, delegate, or delay. Do this immediately.
5. Track your activities again the following week.
6. Calculate how much additional white space you created on your calendar. It only took you one week. Congratulations!
7. Giveaway one of your old canvas backpacks to Goodwill.
8. Replace it with the new Mobex lightweight backpack from Columbia Sportswear.

I am not a spokesperson for Columbia. But seriously–have you seen this backpack? It’s an innovator’s dream. It’s designed like a small travel tent; it’s fully flexible.It’s chock full of compartments. It’s water-resistant.  It’s perfect for hikers and runners. More importantly, it’s a perfect metaphor for the new “lightness” you are about to experience in your business. What an attractive daily reminder.

The Mobex Effect may just be what you need to reclaim control over your growth plan and your life.  I am pretty certain that Columbia Sportswear gave their Mobex design team plenty of white space to create this game-changing product.  Don’t you owe that same privilege to you and your teams?

Copyright 2010, Lisa Nirell.  All rights reserved.

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