Got Growth? A Webinar You Can’t Miss – May 27

A recent global survey published by the Conference Board revealed that CEOs are (finally) shifting their focus to growth. They discovered that the 2008 top priorities–namely worries about global economic performance, business confidence, geofinancial instability and integrity of capital markets–dropped precipitously to the bottom of the list.

Now is the time to shift YOUR focus to growth. Together with my sponsor, Renaissance Executive Forums, I will show you how.

Please join me on May 27, 2010, from 8am-8:50 am PT, 11-11:50 am ET for “Four Strategies to Energize Growth and THRIVE in the Recovery.”

Based on my worldwide research of innovative CEOs and my recent client successes, I will
show you the G.R.O.W. Formula – a proven, customer-centric model to help you:

• Develop new marketing & business growth strategies
• Capitalize on hidden opportunities
• Generate innovative thinking to expand your solution options
• Challenge you to exceed higher goals

If you are serious about building a sustainable, healthy business, please join us.  Get ready for this action-packed, high-energy session.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now!

As you know, I seldom lead pro bono CEO sessions. This is a rare opportunity to bring your questions, gain new ideas, and refine your action plan for the remainder of 2010. I hope you won’t miss it.

“See” you on the webinar!

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