Sweet Summer Surprises from a Client

In my book, I give you some guidance on the four dimensions of defining your ideal client. I have discovered an additional dimension to consider adding to your list: “Level of Chocolate Addiction.”

One of my clients, John Courtney, recently visited Helsinki, Finland with his family. John is the President of NextJob, and a fellow chocolate fan. Having just returned from a client engagement in Helsinki, I could not help myself but rave about Finland’s native Fazer confections. I strongly encouraged him to sample their products.

Yes, he agreed– their sweet sensations are life-altering.

John Courtney Fazer delivery

I asked John to bring me back a “couple of bars” of their chocolate. Much to my surprise, he returned with FOURTEEN packages. John has passed the “ideal client” test for me!

Thank you again, John. Magnus and I have embarked on our chocolate feast.


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