The True Meaning of Wealth

My company exists to make companies wealthier. No, I don’t mean richer. I mean healthier, happier places to work. Places that they love to show off to their customers and families.

I succeed when organizations see a bigger purpose other than closing more sales, exceeding shareholder expectations, or raising customer satisfaction scores.

Prior to relocating from Bend, Oregon to the Washington DC area, I hosted a private friendraiser for the Boys and Girls Club of Central Oregon. This region of the country has been hard hit by nearly 14% unemployment and a huge real estate industry decline. The area Clubs help hundreds of schoolchildren and teens get three meals a day, recreation, social skills, and tutoring.

Last December, they were in dire need of laptop computers. BGCCO Board Chair Kate Bailey, a true community energizer, told me that the children were unable to complete their homework or learn basic PC skills. In its present state, the Club can barely heat the building during the fall and winter.

Thanks to my fellow business owners and caring friends, we raised nearly $2,000. I feel very wealthy when I see the faces of these children.

Boys & Girls Club laptops 2011
Many thanks to my West Coast Community for making this happen…

BGCCO Friendraiser-Best

Left to right: Jim “The Mayor” Murray, Lisa, Kathryn Henderson, Joanne Shackleford


BGCCO Friendraiser-3
Left to right: Danielle and Scott Donnell, Kathryn Henderson, BGCCO Chairwoman Kate Bailey

BGCCO Friendraiser-4
Left to right: Bob Phillips, Mike Davis, Kathryn Henderson, The Donnell’s



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