Customers, Kawasaki, and Crazy Weather

I am headed home from a dynamic series of Voice of the Customer sessions and book signing at the 2011 Allegiance Engage Summit in Deer Valley, Utah.

Amidst two days of dashing through snow flurries) and dodging slush puddles,  I enjoyed learning about the rapid adoption of this new profit-producing technology space. In my upcoming posts, you will hear how companies such as ING Direct, JetBlue, and EMC Corporation are re-framing the definition of the customer experience, and its impact on the bottom line.

I was also excited to re connect with an old friend, Guy Kawasaki. Have you read his new book yet, Enchantment? If you have not bought your copy, get it now. It will shift your thinking about the ways in which you engage others in important causes–whether they be personal or professional.


Here I am, enchanting a new friend at the conference:
Allegiance 2011 003

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