Lisa’s Excellent New York Adventure

A change in your work environment can sometimes be the jolt that you — and your teams — need to find fresh new ideas.

Case in point: I just returned from a whirlwind three day trip to Southern CT and NY City. Book signings,  client visits, and some tourist time kept me on the go.

The air was balmy, and the energy was electric. The bellman hailed our cab to Penn Station as if his life depended on it. Hotel staff answered their phones after three rings or less. Even the restroom line of 100+ women at the Hirschfeld Theatre moved swiftly during intermission!

As I traversed the potholes of Manhattan and its crusty old railways, I am still–after 27 years of visiting the Big Apple–pleasantly surprised by its unique qualities.

These may seem like mundane observations. Everyone knows that New York marches to its own (rapid) beat. But hear me out–I am approaching the six month mark since our relocation to the East Coast, and I am still, quite frankly, a bit rusty on the East Coast cadence.

This New York experience was a refreshing change from the sleepy, bucolic Pacific Northwest lifestyle, a life chapter that lasted five years. Both domiciles offered different experiences; however, I doubt that I will ever return to Oregon to start a business. The casual culture and serene surroundings seldom fueled my ambition nor my inner drive to excel. The Northwest will remain a pristine place that I go to relax, renew and restore. (and write my next book).

Thanks to the “go getter” mindset in this part of the U.S., I have re-discovered my New York state of mind. You talkin’ to ME?

Lisa GenRe Book Signing May 2011
My book signing and keynote at GenRe, May 25, Stamford CT

Hirschfeld Theatre Ceiling
The rococo ceilings at the Hirschfeld Theater. “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” with
Daniel Ratcliffe was just as entertaining as the architecture!

As a leader, what “change of pace” adventures do you design into your schedule to find inspiration–and a jolt of fresh ideas?


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