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Welcome to Fall in D.C…

I have lots of news to report. We just officially relocated to this area. We sold our Sunriver dream home and said goodbye to our dear friends. Opportunity — as well as shorter winters — called us to the East Coast.

Tan_Oak_small_frontDuring the transition from Oregon to Virginia, we had to consolidate, pack, ship, and purge. It felt cumbersome at times–but in the end, we streamlined our home base and gave away the detritus that had lost their meaning and value.

I hope you are doing the same in your business. Based on the results of our 2011 Community Survey, it’s time for many of you to start fall cleaning. In fact, over 40% of you expressed the inability to focus and purge yourself of non-essential activities.

Given the limited resources (last time I checked, we still only have 24 hours in each day), you have no choice but to create some white space on your calendar. Unless you’re Superman or Superwoman, it’s the only way you can provide room for new opportunities and breakthroughs to emerge.

If you are part of our community of mere mortals, this complimentary 10-page report can help you get started with your fall cleanup efforts. You will also receive six hand-picked articles and lessons that specifically help you:

  1. Clarify what you do best
  2. Stop doing what you do marginally well
  3. Streamline your market message
  4. Attract more of the RIGHT clients


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It’s not too late to gas up the leaf blower…

photo courtesy of Sunriver Realty

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