Don’t Occupy Seattle! Harvest More Value from Your Customer Base

Nancy Porte Nancyporteof Vovici (now a Verint company) recently read my book, and asked me to spend time discussing some highlights. In this Listening Post interview, you will learn:

  • Why it’s important to balance online and offline customer feedback approaches
  • The one factor most companies ignore when profiling their ideal customer
  • How to gather valuable, live customer feedback

I have enjoyed learning more about the Voice of the Customer movement since my trip to the Allegiance Summit in May. VoC technology companies such as Verint and Allegiance emphasize the increasing need to listen to customers in order to discover unmet customer needs, refine your product offerings, and drive higher loyalty.

Whether you like it or not, customers now control your brand and reputation more than any other time in our business history. Just ask Bank of America, and the antagonistic response to their recent attempt to add more ATM usage surcharges. Their debit card became the symbol anti-corporate rage at a recent “Occupy Seattle” protest.

Listening intently to your B2B marketplace is no longer a luxury item; it’s an essential survival tool. Don’t let corporate hubris or rapid growth cloud your judgment.

Image Source: Vovici Listening Post blog

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