337 Ways to Deepen B2B Customer Relationships

51p6qincJnL__SL160_Have you packed your bags with your favorite summer reading? There is still time to add one more (e) book–  Power Questions by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas.

In today’s 140 character world, it is easy to stop listening and revert to shouting, explaining, and pontificating. Yet, as the authors remind us, “The energy of power questions is your mightiest ally in drawing out deeply held feelings…which can transform your relationships.” They give us the keys to the Socratic question kingdom in bite-sized, easily digestible portions.

Let’s be honest — during the summer, the last thing you want to be caught reading is some heady book like Nassem Taleb’s The Black Swan, or Dixon/Adamson’s The Challenger Sale. These tomes are replete with charts, graphs, pontifications, and theories.

Power Questions is different. Each 3-5 page chapter provides a succinct, engaging story and one question to help you address myriad daily challenges in work and life. As a bonus, the Appendix includes another 293 “power questions.” They include situations such as when…

  • Your team is stuck in status quo, and has run out of fresh ideas
  • Your sales cycle drags on forever
  • You’re stuck in a contentious argument or dead-end meeting
  • You really don’t know what makes your colleague or customer tick
  • You feel unprepared for an upcoming meeting
  • Your colleague cannot get to the point
  • You cannot get your Board or executive team to focus on what really matters

I have known Andrew for several years, and am a big fan of his work. What sets him apart is his never-ending focus on practical, field-tested solutions and ideas. He has spent decades working with the likes of Spencer Stuart, Bain, and Xerox. I know you will find this quick read worthy of a space in your beach tote.

Order your copy here.

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