Client Success: Corent Wins Market Share and Mind Share

June 11 was a busy week for Corent Technology CEO Feyzi Fatehi.

It all started on June 13 at the TechAmerica American Technology Awards in Washington, cheap DC. Feyzi, one of my longstanding clients of 9 years, attended to accept the nomination. He also invited me as his guest to meet some of this country's top innovators. Corent was nominated for the "Best Cloud/SaaS Product" award. Surrounded by hundreds of technology industry luminaries, Corent ceded to Virtela Technology Services.

But that did not faze Feyzi. The very next night, he flew home to Orange County, California to accept another prize — "Best Cloud Product of the Year" at a second TechAmerica awards dinner.

What is the secret to Corent's market acceptance? Fatehi says two key elements contribute."We clearly
articulate what we do–and most importantly, we regularly communicate about who believes in us. These include customers, partners, advisors, and analysts."

Feyzi also shared that "mentors and advisors have been instrumental to the success of Corent. One of our core competencies at Corent has been the ability to attract world class individuals that bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the table." I am honored to be included in that group!

In the midst of power outages, extreme heat conditions, and a tense political climate in the D.C. area, this announcement delivered a breath of fresh air. I am humbled and honored when my clients reach new heights, despite the economic mood.

How often do you schedule time to celebrate milestones with your top clients? It may be one of your most memorable summer experiences.

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