Is Marketing ROI Driving You Crazy?

Last month, the Fornaise Marketing Group surveyed 1, 200 CEOs from small and large businesses.The results were sobering for CMOs.

Their interviews revealed that 74 percent of the executives surveyed believe that marketers misuse the real definition of “performance,” “return on investment,” and “results.”

In spite of the reported success of Revenue Performance Management solutions and longer CMO tenures (at least according to Spencer Stuart’s recent study, which says that CMO tenure now averages 42 months), C-suite satisfaction with the marketing organization is not growing at the same rate.

This is the topic for my upcoming CMO Breakfast on August 15. During this “sold out” session, we will be sharing some fresh ideas to help CMOs strike a healthy balance between their marketing ROI and branding endeavors.

In the meantime, I just found a website with some excellent marketing ROI calculators and approaches.

Please tell me what you think of these tools and ROI models. Are they still relevant? Do they need updating?

Return often to this blog. I will be posting results and key lessons from my CMO breakfast. Let’s stop the insanity surrounding marketing ROI!

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