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Here is a guest post from my friend Charles Gold who has been a software marketing executive for nearly 20 years. He serves as CMO at Sonatype, where he has helped propel the company’s growth to category leadership. Charles believes passionately marketing is rapidly becoming *the* thing that distinguishes software market winners.

Eloqua‘s sixth annual “holiday celebration” for growth-oriented B2B marketers just concluded in Orlando, Florida. I was pleased to observe a few dozen companies garner awards for their marketing and sales process.

CEO Joe Payne plays the consummate emcee, sharing off-the-cuff remarks and surprise giveaways for the top tweets from the ceremonies. Eloqua generates several weeks worth of buzz and online conversation from this well-orchestrated awards party. Here are the 2012 winners.

What kind of holidays are you creating and sharing with your customers?…

The four “Cs” shaping electrifying, modern marketing include: conscious content, CMO reporting cadence, courage, and culture.

Given the advances in marketing operations, web analytics, and B2B marketing and sales alignment, CMOs have few excuses to accept second-string status.

Eloqua’s much anticipated keynote speaker was Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of the new bestseller, Running the Gauntlet. Eloqua’s theme of “becoming a modern marketer” permeated the high-energy sessions, and Jeff’s was no exception.

It’s that time of year to review your growth plans, see what’s working, and get rid of what’s not working. So take a few cues (or words of warning) from Tina Brown, who recently shut down the print edition of Newsweek and moved to an all-digital format.

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