Reflections on 2012

Time to reflect on 2012, and gracefully chart our course for 2013.


December brings the sun down low,

sending tree shadows on a long

determined quest across
the snow,

a blue-gray, bare and spindly throng.

Mt Bachelor Mike Putnam photo

December leads the mind to dwell

on things determined,
dared, and done,

and things deferred or botched as well

since these twelve months began their run.


December does all this.  But see,

at noon the shadows brightly shift

the other way. And so should we

turn to accept our new year’s gift:


Grace to step past what we remember,

shrugging away that shadow’s hold,

and plot a course toward next December

neither abashed nor overbold.

— Robert B. Shaw

Author, Aromatics, 2010.

Cascade Mountains, Oregon photo courtesty Mike Putnam photo.

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