Does HR Have a Clue?

HR executives can learn the art of reinvention by studying how today’s CMOs are transforming their profession. The recent KPMG study of 400 global executives should be a strong motivator.

This is a sobering month for HR executives.

The latest KPMG study of 400 global executives finds that only 17% of respondents think HR is doing a good job. This is a prime profession for more outsourcing, more about automation, and obsolescence. In addition, only 15% think their HR teams can provide "insightful and predictive" information about their employees. To make matters worse, 76% believe their HR teams are doing a poor job at supporting virtual and flexible work teams.

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Why does HR continue to struggle to add value in today's global companies? Why do they continue to struggle to create impact in the boardroom? As I observe the positive transformations occurring among Chief Marketing Officers, I just cannot understand why HR executives are not getting any traction. 

Here are possible culprits:

1. They announce initiatives based on best practices, not ones that compliment their organization's culture, or are proprietary and innovative.

2. They spend little or no time with customers.

3. They view the world through the eyes of an HR person, not through the eyes of customer-facing executives.

4. They lack self-esteem to take risks and challenge executive management.

5. They structure their positions to focus heavily on administrative tasks, not value-added activity.

What do you think are the causes?

If you are an HR professional, start thinking seriously about how you can re-design your career.KPMG (and this author) considers your position increasingly "non-essential."

P.S. You can read more about the study findings here.

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