Four Steps to Becoming a Modern Marketer (Video)

Can you say that your marketing organization is electrifying? Do you feel that you are part of something big—I mean, industry-changing big?
Four Steps to Becoming a Modern Marketer

“I used to be magnetic; now I’m downright electrifying.”

That aphorism came from best-selling author Jeffrey Hayzlett during one of his recent keynote sessions.

Can you say that your marketing organization is electrifying? Do you feel that you are part of something big—I mean, industry-changing big?

Sadly, the recession has created some collateral damage in the business landscape. It has caused many companies to lose the courage and self-esteem to think like modern marketers. As a result, their organization views them as cost centers, not profit centers–and, hence, the first area that gets cut during a downturn.

Based on my client experiences, I see four essentials to reaching “Modern Marketer” status:

  1. Build “conscious content.” Ask yourself “How will this content improve my customers’ condition and communicate our unique point of view?” Blogging crappy content three times a week to drive followers is not the answer.
  2. Create financial reporting cadence. Determine what metrics truly matter, and build a simple dashboard to track and communicate your progress. Joe Payne, Eloqua’s CEO, recently told me that “One reason that marketers are not well respected is that when they interact with the board, they don’t report results with a regular cadence, they don’t use benchmarks, and they don’t show the same metrics quarter after quarter. CFOs operate totally differently.
  3. Cultivate courage. How can you create tension at your company? Your job as a business leader is to drive tension, not to be everyone’s best friend. Besides, what’s the worst thing that is going to happen if you make a mistake?
  4. Get real about your culture. Be honest about what profit-producing marketing initiatives are possible within your culture. Is your culture results-driven, or activity (events and collateral production)-driven? How have you historically embraced change?

Nicolas Draca, a Director at LinkedIn, is a true Modern Marketer. Every year, he sits down with the VP of Sales and CFO to agree on the percentage of revenue contribution that his marketing team is committed to driving. So far, the results are impressive.

Modern, electric marketing teams transmit inspiration and ideas through magnetic fields, thereby creating electricity. Go out and create a spark.

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