Latest CMO 2013 Trends Report and Videos Now Available

Share my latest research on 2013 CMO trends, success stories, and recommendations.

“infographic provided by Carousel30.

I am excited to share the results of my latest research on 2013 CMO trends, success stories, and recommendations.

In a nutshell, CMOs and VPs of Marketing face four major hurdles in 2013. Thanks to the 24 x 7 nature of customer interactions, new buyer dynamics, and web-based decision-making tools, the rules of the marketing game have forever changed. Customers and boards expect them to be data-driven, sales-savvy demand centers, and bold brand ambassadors.

“infographic provided by Carousel30.
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This may not describe you — but many CMOs told me they are not prepared for these demands and do not know how to make the transition to modern marketer. Those who are prepared want to get even better but lack a private community to share and test ideas.

To see how your 2013 marketing strategies and investments compared to your peers.

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