Monthly Archives: October 2013

Because marketers have more in common with Walter White than they might realize.

It’s no coincidence that the term ‘ROI’ has grown in use and importance over the last few years.

It's 74 degrees at 7:30 am. The sun struggles to part the stubborn storm clouds. Winds amplify to 15 miles per hour, and the 4K Bermuda Round the Sound swim race around Harrington Sound is just hours away from beginning.

Magnus and I enjoy a light continental breakfast on the hilltop
dining room overlooking the mesmerizing Bermudian waters, visit the
resident hotel tabby cat, and I return to the room to make my final swim preparations.

If an airport–the bastion of sterile, timeless holding places for weary travelers–can delight a yogini, then you can delight even the toughest corporate customers. It’s easier and less costly than you think. As a marketing leader, you play a key role in delighting customers.

Too many of these same companies are saving their way to profitability rather than driving top-line revenue growth as employee engagement continues to fall.

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