“Breaking Bad” Content Strategies

Are your lead conversion rates missing expectations? Are salespeople and customers pressuring you to create and deliver more engaging content?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it just might be time to break some old habits—such as providing ho-hum content and events.

Think about Breaking Bad’s lead writer and creator, Vince Gilligan, for a moment. He invented a whole new television genre and collection of savory characters, which made the series go viral. By just recognizing the most common content marketing myths, you can stand out in a crowded market too–AND transform your content assets.

Here are the most common  myths I hear:

  1. Marketing needs an internal “crack team” to create and disseminate the content. In reality, marketing cannot go it alone. That’s an inefficient use of marketing resources. Instead, turn to new sources, including product marketing, analysts, external experts and authors, customers, customer support and sales.
  2. Webinars and other live streaming events should be broadcasts. This may have been the case five years ago. Today, they need to facilitate conversations. Kathy Meara, Content Manager for CA Technologies, has witnessed a shift in how professionals interact online during webcasts. At times, Meara notices that some customers want to hijack the webinar agenda and critique the company’s products. That’s when she intervenes, introduces herself, and engages them in a brief conversation. This makes a big difference and guides them back into the conversation at hand.
  3. Content needs to reflect your point of view. While provocative thought leadership pieces are essential to staking a claim in your market niche, they are not the ONLY form of providing value. MarketingSherpa’s recent study revealed that today’s marketing leaders named “engaging our audiences” as their second biggest challenge with their content management strategy.  Consider live polling, offering giveaways in exchange for input, contests, and surveys too.

These three bad habits were meant to be broken. In my next video, I will share some strategies for creating positive content chemistry.

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