Client Event June 12: A Marketing Conversation with Dell’s CIO, Andi Karaboutis


If you rely on technology and cross-functional teams to help you deepen customer relationships, you may want to know about my next teleconference June 12 with Andi Karaboutis, the CIO of Dell.

This is a rare, valuable offer that I rarely extend to my global community. Here’s why.

In the past year, I have discovered that in spite of the endless stream of demand creation, customer engagement, and community building offerings, technology adoption rates are still anemic. This is fueling unnecessary tension between IT and marketing. IT leaders and marketers have one thing in common: both grow weary of being treated as “order takers.”

During our conversation, participants will learn:

  • The 4 biggest changes impacting CIOs today—and the impact on senior marketers
  • The greatest sources of tension between CIOs and CMOs
  • Dell’s secret formula for relieving CIO/CMO tension
  • Andi’s top productivity tools and advice for engaging marketing teams
  • How Andi and her marketing peers create one view of the Dell customer community

If you are a member of my community, register now. It’s free when you use Discount Code AndiJun12. You will receive the MP3 replay, as well as a sample chapter from my latest book, The Mindful Marketer: How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World. (which launches in September).

Space is very limited, so register now.

We will also publish an excerpt from the complete program on this blog later this month.

See you on the call with Andi.


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