The Mindful Marketer: Author Interview with Business Info Guide

I was recently interviewed for Business Info Guide – an online resource for Internet marketers and entrepreneurs – to discuss my newest book, The Mindful Marketer. I was happy for this Business Info Guide Logoopportunity to share insights on how to thrive in the world of modern marketing.

Some key insights from the book:

  • Why it’s essential to shift from “tactical order taker” to “strategic market maker”
  • Finding the “middle path” between mindfulness and market acceleration
  • How constant connectedness and multitasking can contribute to less productivity, not more
  • The causes of and solutions for CEO and CMO misalignment

I also got to share my inspiration for writing the book, and what I enjoy most about what I do. I even shared something you’d be surprised to learn about me (yes, you’ll have to read to find out!)

You can read the entire interview here. Make sure to download a special bonus I’ve included with the interview: my Mindful Marketing Meter™ to help you uncover your marketing strengths and blind spots.

As always, I welcome your feedback. What are you doing to become a more Mindful Marketer?

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