Video: Secrets to Overcoming Sales and Marketing Misalignment

A wise person said “when the water is low, the rocks appear.” Today, the rifts between sales and marketing rise to the water’s surface and are more pronounced.

I found three factors that will help you reduce friction between sales and marketing and reach equanimity: Data, Roles, and Content.

The first challenge to sales and marketing harmony is data interpretation. In many cases, marketing and sales are operating based on multiple views of the truth. For example, when your CEO wants to accelerate the company’s rate of growth, she might call a meeting with the head of sales, CMO and CFO. However, the VP of Sales, CMO and CFO are typically referring to three different systems to assess where they are. Three different pictures make it virtually impossible to find the root cause of growth issues.

Defining appropriate data owners and their roles can also be tricky. Who owns what stage of the buying cycle, and how will it be tracked?

Data definition can also run amok. In many companies, marketing defines sales leads one way, and sales defines them another way.

And finally, ROLES…

Sales and marketing roles can be viewed from two angles: their respective missions, and accountabilities.

Sales teams are usually deal-oriented with fast closes while marketing tends to be more investment oriented, creating very different perceptions of urgency. How can you find a middle path and create one mission?

The third element required for equanimity is content.

Content quality should be your first priority. It’s our job as marketing leaders to escape from providing ho-hum content that looks like our competitors’.

Content delivery can also differentiate you from the crowd and help sales gain more traction. Consider the multitude of new ways you can deliver the same content. It’s easy to get comfortable repeatedly using the same content marketing strategies. Thanks to agile marketing methods and “test and learn” models, marketers can experiment and retool rather quickly.

Build a method for fine-tuning your relationship with data, content, and team roles. These adjustments will prevent you from slipping on the river rocks.

Were the three secrets shared in this video valuable to you? Let us know in the comments!

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