CMO Trends 2014: Q & A with Marketing Magnified

I was recently featured in Marketing Magnified, a monthly eJournal by the CMO Council, to discuss the EnergizeGrowth Annual CMO Trends Report.

In this in-depth Q & A session, we covered:

  • The three main challenges faced by CMOs in mid-market companiesMarketing Magnified Article with Lisa Nirell
  • The key differences between this year’s and last year’s CMO Trends Report (including one that really surprised me!)
  • How to shift the conversation from “what drives revenue right now?” to “what drives lifelong customers?”
  • The three most important highlights from the study that marketers need to know… and start implementing now!

As always, I invite you to come back here and share your comments. What trends and challenges have YOU experienced as a marketer?

If you’d like to review the CMO Trends Report for yourself, you can download it and You get the entire 13 page report, plus our Marketing Planning Matrix™ and four videos. We provide these resources free to help marketers eliminate obstacles, improve decision-making and deepen customer relationships.

Copyright 2014, Lisa Nirell. All rights reserved.

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