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Today’s modern marketers and growth leaders face a daunting task: innovate, or risk extinction.

Established brand leaders are facing fierce competitors, high CMO turnover, digital overwhelm, and severe resource shortages.

Don’t let a good crisis (such as the pandemic) go to waste. Now is the time to make the courageous leap from order taker to innovator.

Lisa’s here to ensure you don’t go it alone. In her virtual keynotes and in person sessions, she will outline the pitfalls of today’s data-driven digital demands, and the negative impact on leaders and their stakeholders, and what you can do TODAY to adapt and thrive.

With over 30 years of pragmatic corporate marketing and sales leadership experience, Lisa brings cutting-edge strategies and fresh ideas to the stage. She delivers them in a way that your executive audiences can use to reach higher performance goals, attract more of the ideal customers, focus on high-reward activities, and position your organization for long-term success.

The OnRamp to CMO: 5 Ways to Fuel Your Career

The road to marketing leadership can be rocky—customer privacy rules, generative AI, and new workplace demands can cause careers to careen.

Why are some marketers viewed as (drive-through) order takers and others as innovators? What are the new road rules to earning a Growth CMO seat?

In this session, Lisa Nirell shows you the essential “on-ramp” to getting there. Derived from insights she’s gathered from over 1,800 CMOs over the past 12 years, Nirell will share the qualities and daily habits of top marketers.

No matter where you’re at in your career, you will walk away with practical habits and resources used by innovators from AARP, Blackbaud, CoStar Group, and more. Use them to turbo-charge your career and company.

This session will help you:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Rapidly assess your current growth potential.
  • Identify possible (and often ignored) career roadblocks.

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From Order Taker to Innovator: The 7 Secrets of Modern CMOs

In this session, you will learn:

  • Career lessons from top growth leaders at TIME, ParkMobile, Strategic Education and TD Ameritrade
  • The causes and effects of today’s marketing leadership crisis
  • Specific tools and habits to fuel stronger C-Suite alignment
  • A signature story framework to boost your personal brand
  • Lisa’s time-tested tips to shift your approach from outputs to outcomes

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Today’s marketing leaders are doing their best to adapt to unprecedented changes in customer behaviors, pricing models, and digital landscapes. It’s easy to be swept away by the tides of marketing tactics and firefighting.

How will you make the shift from order taker to innovator?

Lisa will show you the way. Hear how innovative marketers have made the leap to breakthrough thinking and created new paths to growth.

Seasoned marketing strategist and expert Lisa Nirell shares surprising results from her five year CMO Innovation Trends study, as well as contemporary examples.

How to Start a Mindful Marketing Revolution

Learning objectives:

By applying fresh insights from her acclaimed book, The Mindful Marketer, Lisa will help you:

  • Identify and eradicate the most common mindless marketing habits
  • Discover 4 ways that mindful marketing revolutionaries are born
  • Learn new rituals to accelerate ROI, customer engagement, sales alignment, and marketing campaign success
  • Implement profit-producing strategies from mindful revolutionaries at Miraval Resorts, TripAdvisor, and goop.

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At what point do big data, analytics, and an “always on” economic model make us mindless,not mindful? Research shows that the pendulum towards technology over-stimulation has swung too far, and productivity has suffered.

Revolutionary business leaders are seeking new ways to make important decisions without depending solely on data and social media strategies. Mindfulness is a powerful gateway to help achieve that goal.

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