EnergizeGrowth NOW

EnergizeGrowth NOW

energize-growth-book-coverThe Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company
212-page Hardcover Book, by Lisa Nirell

How are some leaders building wealthy businesses and scores of loyal clients, even through economic turmoil?

This book shows you.

EnergizeGrowth™ NOW is a contemporary planning and marketing guide with a dash of inspiration. You will benefit from this book if you are a growth company CEO, consultant, or seasoned advisor looking to increase your company valuation, the quality of your clientele, and the positive impact of your business on the planet.

Hear dozens of wealth-inspiring stories from successful companies such as Seventh Generation, Umpqua Bank, Eversheds, FranklinCovey, and others.

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Here is what people are saying about EnergizeGrowth® NOW

“Effective, timely, balanced—this book captures the critical steps for growing a business the “‘right way’ and avoiding the usual pitfalls of a poor growth strategy.”
– Stephen R. Covey

“Much like my experience at Apple, you will need to know when it’s time to stop acting like a bootstrapper and start operating like a growth company. This book is a great resource to ease the transition. By applying these core principles and time-tested planning guides, you will have changed the world for the better.”
– Guy Kawasaki

“Are you unwittingly sabotaging your success and top stopping your growth? In Energize Growth® Now, you’ll find out how you may be negatively impacting your business. Plus, Lisa Nirell shares numerous strategies you can employ to increase revenue, deepen client relationships and improve profitability – not tomorrow, but today!”
– Jill Konrath

“EnergizeGrowth® NOW appears at an ideal time to provide small business owners with their rightful wealth, life balance, and peace of mind through great advice, easily applied. Lisa Nirell’s advice is more important than any business plan you now have in place.”
– Alan Weiss, Ph.D.

“In EnergizeGrowth® NOW, Lisa Nirell has written a smart, concise guide for business leaders looking to navigate growth successfully. The book provides valuable tips on how companies can grow better as well as bigger, and how leaders can create the kind of vibrant culture that’s critical now more than ever.”
– Ray Davis

“Growing a business is hard work – you need both knowledge and expertise; it must come from the heart. To reach your dreams, you need the right focus, tools, and ideas. This book is for the business owner who wants to take their company to the next level and make an impact in the world. It’s practical and easy to read, identifying the key elements that should be included in a practical, workable business plan. EnergizeGrowth® NOW is the resource to help you achieve and make your dreams come true.”
– Danita Bye

“What’s uniquely cool about Lisa’s book is the way she interweaves values with financial success. Making big bucks without values smells. Having high values go unrewarded ultimately destroy beliefs. She keeps ’em together.”
– Gary Sutton