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Marketing Leaders is a wonderful intimate network of marketing talent.  I’ve benefitted from sharing experiences, knowledge and insights with the network and it has made me a better marketing executive for it.

Stuart Foster


Hagerty's Inc.

Energize Growth Now is a book by my close personal friend, Lisa, and she will help you truly understand growth strategies particularly for B2B companies. I want to highly recommend this book, I even wrote the foreword. That’s how much I believe in it…

Guy Kawasaki

Working with Lisa has been a life changing experience. I moved from pursuing multiple career paths to focusing where I contribute with purpose.

The impact has been significant. I confidently positioned my signature story with my target audience and network, and landed a leadership role with a digital health startup.  Lisa’s guidance was simply invaluable.

Drew Kraisinger

EVP of Marketing

After one of my strategy sessions with Lisa, I grabbed my running shoes and headed for the beach. I can’t remember when I had a better run. I was lighter and faster. It felt like I was soaring over the ocean. I am grateful for you, Lisa – I feel this coaching process has unearthed and revealed the real me.

Senior Director

Fortune 100 technology company

Lisa helped us maintain a maniacal focus on helping our teams understand the new mission. As a result, we have stopped having so many discussions about areas that are no longer driving business growth…working with Lisa has been a great partnership.

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Major Media Company

Had we not worked with Lisa on our growth plan, we would not have the framework to reach our 30% growth target. This initiative was the big boost that pushed our company forward.


Fast Growth Technology Company

Lisa is a wonderful coach – and great facilitator of learning!

Marshall Goldsmith


Marshall Goldsmith Partners

We had a huge opportunity ahead of us at Microsoft. Our global account teams were spread out across eight different countries. The client was not leveraging the sales training we provided on a global scale, and our revenues reflected that. With Lisa’s mentoring and guidance, we built a global account plan within 60 days. That plan gave us a roadmap for increasing annual sales from US$2M to $11M within two years. Lisa was the catalyst that helped us develop the first global account plan for Microsoft.

Rod Jones


Strategy To Revenue

As executives, we were spending nearly half of our time sorting out customer misunderstandings and internal communications problems, and very little time on planning. As a result, we were missing out on six and seven figure business opportunities. “As we expanded abroad, we used tribal knowledge to communicate our culture. This required way too much micro-management.After working with Lisa and her team, we now announce and track our strategic goals on a quarterly basis, and people pick pieces of those that they’ll help the company do. By linking our strategy and employee development through the Personal Strategic Plan process, we saw a direct impact on the bottom line.Collection time has gone from 75 days down to 45 days, and our CFO was featured in Inc. Magazine for our innovative cash management strategies.

Robert (Bob) Zeigenfuse

Founder and President


Anything that Lisa Nirell does, I would recommend. She is a terrific author, marketer, and leader.

Jamie Gorski



Lisa’s work is inspirational, thought-provoking, and fun—and she holds us accountable.

Susan Weber

SVP of Marketing and CMO

Walker & Dunlop

Lisa possesses the ability to drill down on the top challenges while delivering real world examples. I highly recommend that senior marketing executives work with Lisa to take their game and companies to the next level.

Tim Hill

President and GM, Higher Education


Lisa has a very engaging presentation style. That, combined with great content, made it a dynamic session.  The participants especially liked hearing about the impact of corporate culture on results. If you are planning a live conference and are looking for fresh new ideas to re-energize your growth strategy and marketing approaches, do not hesitate to hire Lisa.

Mary Donato


Applied Principles and Associate Director, ISBM

In any workshop, nothing really sticks unless the audience is engaged and having fun. Even though Lisa delivers lots of useful content in a short period of time, she has a way of injecting humor and interaction along the way.

I would highly recommend Lisa to any organization of business owners who are serious about investing in planning and marketing and creating the business of their dreams.

Tim Knopp

Executive Vice President

Central Oregon Builders Association

What I loved about Lisa is that she had so many real world examples that everyone could relate to. She didn’t try to sugarcoat any of the mistakes she had made in her past but rather openly acknowledged so others could learn from her. Lisa is also genuinely interested in her audience and making sure the presentation is for them. Prior to the event, she spent a lot of time with me making sure she knew who was going to be there so she could ensure she tailored the conversation around them. She doesn’t come with a “one size fits all” presentation. She does her homework which I know our audience appreciated.

Wendy Lieber


Athena Marketing

Lisa is a process oriented senior marketing executive. She has created quite a network in the Washington, DC area (and beyond) of wonderful CMO’s. I had the pleasure of working with her to throw two events in the DC area which were a great success both from my own learnings and networking. I would be happy to answer any questions on her work.

Sarah Fricke

Business Partner


Having read Lisa’s books and articles, I know her to be a thought leader in the fields of strategic marketing and mindful leadership. She synthesizes concepts from cutting-edge business practices as well as Eastern philosophies and brings them to the workplace. Lisa cares deeply for modern marketers and advocates for them to be more effective by using these approaches.

Samantha Hartley

Marketing Consultant

Lisa’s marketing expertise and CMO communities are ground-breaking. They have contributed significantly to our team’s ability to contribute to Celerity’s 25% profit margin growth over the past three years.

Jen Kern



I have enjoyed the benefit of Lisa’s counsel at both Active Software and Tradec during the past six years and found it extremely valuable to achieving the goals and objectives of these companies. Lisa makes a real difference, very quickly.

In addition, Lisa delivered specialized services to assist me with rapid growth opportunities in the software industry. Both experiences were overwhelmingly successful and I continue to leverage her counsel today. I find her input to be both time tested and current; a refreshing combination in these challenging times. She is a trusted advisor.

Ed Winder

Private Investor and CEO

FlexPoint Global

Lisa is an enthusiastic, enlightening professional. The time you invest with her, or any one of her many seminars, pays terrific dividends. Her quick mind and search for less obvious solutions to difficult problems makes her an excellent resource.

Buckley Brinkman



Lisa “gets it” as to how to ask the right questions and draw out the key learning messages. She’s a subject expert on her own, so she knows where the value is in interviewing others. I admire her talent.

Jim Cathcart

President & Founder

Cathcart Institute, Inc.

I was able to do a brief roundtable recap with people after your session ended and the response was all extremely positive. I heard particularly positive comments about your thoughts and remedies to “limiting mindsets”. I’ve uncovered and dealt with a few of my own since your presentation! People were also impressed with the 7 steps you outlined for a successful business. Focusing on the right clients and continuous innovation were my take-aways. Well done!

Todd Ordahl

IMC Denver

Board of Directors, Program Chair

Working with Lisa presented me with a wonderful ally in the world of marketing and career development.  She asks the right questions, challenges when needed, and holds you accountable. She clearly wants marketing to be the forefront of a company – or to help you market yourself!

Bruce Gudenberg

Executive Director, Industry Relations at Hilton

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