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How to Stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World Hardcover book, by Lisa Nirell Thanks to new buyer dynamics, a boardroom-level obsession with marketing ROI, and ‘big data’ driven decision-making tools, the rules have shifted beneath everyone’s feet, leaving many dizzily wondering how to keep pace. Modern marketing leaders are expected to be tech savvy, data-driven brand ambassadors on the vanguard of change. But as marketing demands and workloads continue to evolve at the speed of sound, it becomes more difficult to stop, breathe, and reflect mindfully on future opportunities and daily decisions. As marketing leaders look for ways to evolve from order takers to market makers, the more contextual, intuitive, and innovative dimensions of marketing play an even greater role than before.
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The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company energize-growth-book-cover 212-page Hardcover book, by Lisa Nirell This is a contemporary planning and marketing guide with a dash of inspiration. You will benefit from this book if you are a growth company CEO, consultant, or seasoned advisor looking to increase your company valuation, the quality of your clientele, and the positive impact of your business on the planet. Hear dozens of wealth-inspiring stories from successful companies such as Seventh Generation, Umpqua Bank, Eversheds, FranklinCovey, and others.
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