Advisory and Coaching Services

Here's how we help clients...

The Marketing Growth Leaders private peer gatherings
The Marketing Growth Leaders private peer gatherings

We help courageous CEOs and CMOs accelerate growth and innovation. We only work with clients who are passionate and action-oriented. We cultivate customer-centric thinking and self-reflection.

Here’s how.

Accelerate Change: Find the truth, then take wise action

Executive Coaching

We work with CEOs and CMOs who see great potential in their business and want to get there faster. We collaborate with successful people who are willing to take action and be held accountable for them.

If you are a curious, lifelong learner, and are passionate about creating a customer-centric culture and career, let’s talk.

Coaching helps you rapidly discover your greatest strengths and influence others in a positive, productive way.

A great sounding board will help you:

  • Challenge your own thinking
  • Design your next career chapter
  • Get unstuck
  • Help you stay focused on your vision
  • Apply fresh insights from other industries
  • Accelerate your learning and growth

We’ve helped leaders:

  • Implement new, and sometimes tough, decisions on organization and strategy
  • Launch customer-centric, innovative marketing cultures
  • Evaluate new business and career opportunities
  • Assess and refine go to market, branding, positioning, and sales strategies
  • Dramatically improve their strategic and marketing plans
  • Gain team alignment and commitment important, “big bet” initiatives
  • Get things done faster, and with less drama

Contact Lisa to schedule a brief exploratory call.

“Quick hit” brainstorming sessions

Gain our fresh insights cost-effectively and rapidly

Need help urgently? We are available for a “quick hit” brainstorming session. We can help you:

  • Generate fresh strategies for an upcoming board meeting or executive retreat
  • Review and improve your hiring strategy and plan for a key executive (e.g. CMO, VP of Marketing, or Director)
  • Generate a memorable outline for a key presentation, customer meeting, or team session
  • Connect to key leaders and influencers in our global network
  • Assess your effectiveness through a “hot seat” or role play
  • Identify potential barriers to your organization or personal performance

We use Zoom for our brainstorming sessions. Fees start at $975 per session.

Contact us to arrange a confidential,
45-60 minute brainstorming session.


Feeling isolated during these volatile times? Is your career behind a screen stalling out? Tired of being treated as an order taker versus innovator?

Design a new way forward with a trusted peer group. Now entering its 10th year, the Marketing Growth Leaders™ offers you a “safe haven” for CMO and Chief Growth Officer reinvention, brainstorming, and reflection. Check out what our members have achieved, and consider applying to Marketing Growth Leaders.

Cultivate commitment, not compliance. Your future depends on it.

Growth Planning Services

I bet you have attended a few boring, “one and done” corporate retreats. I certainly have.

Unfortunately, many are a huge waste of our time. That’s because they ignore these rules of thumb:

  • Every growth plan must be aligned with customer and market needs, dynamics and perceptions—not our opinions and feelings.
  • We must address the elephants in the room. These include the old “zombie” programs that drain our best resources and the limiting beliefs that sabotage the best-laid plans.
  • The plans should be simple, not over-engineered. They should contain no more than 4 priorities and a commitment to remain accountable to them. Yet “scope creep” and distractions happen to the best of us. How do remain committed, yet agile?

Strategic planning and thinking can only happen with a written plan. Brain research has revealed that we are unable to focus intently on activities or goals that do not get documented.
That is why we help you build—and stay committed to–concrete action plans.We help you develop a “plan with a purpose”—a market-centered growth plan that aligns with your vision and core values. Using the EnergizeGrowth®  11 step planning framework, we will help you stay on course.

One more thing: We promise not to recommend ropes courses, art classes, or wilderness programs.

Contact Lisa to arrange a confidential call, and we will explore further.

Want to take it with you? Here’s Lisa’s services brochure (.pdf)


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