Need to reach me about a speaking engagement? Are you with the media and need a source of marketing leadership or innovation? Great. You are on the right page.

Need to get in touch with us about applying to join our CMO community or attend our conferences? Check out our other website.

Still here? OK, that’s cool.

I want you to know this: I get a lot of emails. Those messages contain lots of requests. While I wish I could help everyone, I just can’t.

Your best chance of a response is to:

1. Research first, then ask.

Do you want to interview me for your book or feature me on a podcast?

First, thank you. Second, chances are good that I may have published something about that topic in the past.

You will find my articles and over 115 videos across multiple outlets, such as FastCompany, ForbesCMO, Marketing Waves, and HuffingtonPost. So before you press SEND, please peruse a few.

2. Be concise and specific.

I love emails containing 4 or fewer sentences. Don’t be shy at stating your request early in the email message. Please do not send me 17 links and 3 file attachments. I won’t read them unless you are one of my closest friends, clients, or relatives.

Here’s an example: Are you hosting a conference in London next November for senior software executives? Tell me about the audience, date, time, and why you think I might be a great fit.

3. Be aware of things where I cannot be helpful.

These areas include:

– business advice from people whom I never met

– any sentence with the phrase “pick my brain” in it

–queries from SEO firms (don’t get me started)

–random introductions to my clients (unless you are a client as well)

–free lunches to exchange information about our businesses

–advice on how to publish your book (unless you are a client, or want to schedule a “pick Lisa’s brain” paid session). You can learn about our brainstorming sessions and offerings on our SERVICES page.

–requests to make copies of my book chapters (Yes. That has happened too).

Finally! Here are the Contact Request details. If you made it this far…

Tell us how we can help. We will return your message within 24 hours, Eastern US time.

We Value Your Privacy

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