Build Your Professional Community

Working from home and environmental stressors cause many of us to feel isolated. Don’t go it alone! High performing professionals and lifelong learners surround themselves with a strong peer group. It’s possible to keep learning and growing, even when face to face meetings are rare.  This Knowable audio course shows you a step-by-step, time-tested peer community building and vetting process.



LinkedIn Learning: Become an Effective CMO

Lisa shows you how to become a chief marketing officer (CMO) that gets results and thrives in a time of ambiguity and uncertainty. Get guidance and tools to face the challenges of the modern marketing landscape, and win the hearts and minds of stakeholders.

You will learn how to overcome the common hurdles that marketing leaders face in today’s information-saturated world, where marketing departments aren’t always given the budget they deserve. Lisa also explains how you can optimize your board and the C-Suite relationships, and shares the tried and true methods for mapping out your future as a marketing leader.