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May 17, 1-1:35 pm ET: Full Time to Fractional: The CMO Career Debate with Michael Taylor, Founder of SimpleMind Inc.

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“Full Time vs. Fractional? The CMO Career Debate” with guests Scott Kabat, CEO, 621 Consulting and Michael Taylor, CEO, SimpleMind Inc. If you are curious about hiring a fractional CMO, or you are a CMO considering a fractional career path, listen to this show.

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Meet Our 2024 Beacon Award Recipient! We’re thrilled to announce Matt Blocher, VP of Marketing and Communications at CoStar Group is our CLIC 2024 Beacon Award recipient.

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Energize Growth Now is a book by my close personal friend, Lisa, and she will help you truly understand growth strategies particularly for B2B companies. I want to highly recommend this book, I even wrote the foreword. That’s how much I believe in it…
Guy Kawasaki

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Each year, we select a senior growth leader for our CLIC Beacon Award. We honor and recognize their commitment to promoting shared knowledge, inspiration, and experiences. The recipient  models the traits of a strategic leader: open, real, and respectful.

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The Midlife Innovator cohort (our 9th) will harness corporate and personal wisdom to fuel reinvention and long-term growth.

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What I recommend is contrary to Western work norms: stop plate-spinning. In my recent LinkedIn newsletter, I have outlined the case to embrace the power of the pause.

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Why does this topic matter? Because I am witnessing how generative AI and efficiency pressures are plunging CEOs, CMOs and market leaders into a pile of misaligned teams, missed deadlines, and competing priorities.

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