New Year=New Growth Opportunities for Marketing Leaders.

Join us for these unique and vibrant C-Suite sessions.

Greetings, marketing leaders. Happy new year.

We created some unique professional development and growth opportunities for our CMO and CEO clients in 2019.

I’ll be in Austin for SXSW, New York for Skillsoft video shoot, Atlanta, and DC. If you are available for some of our gatherings, let’s meet there!

If you are interested in the programs exclusively designed for our private member roster, contact me now. If you are not a current member, check out the public options (such as SXSW and our CMO breakfast in New York!)

January 23, 2018 (private member event in DC)

The Marketing Leaders of DC™ welcome Jim Schleckser. He is the author of Great CEOs Are Lazy. However, his session is being tailored to our CMO members. The session is called Great CMO’s Are Lazy, and You Can Be Too.

Jim brings more than three decades of experience of running fast-growth companies. One was valued at $1.6B. He truly understands what it takes to grow a company using very limited resources. (Oh, and he’s a certified sommelier, too…but I digress).

Achieving champagne marketing results on a beer budget has been a persistent challenge for every member. Jim’s going to cover a lot of things around the theory of constraints, how to optimize customer experience based on his case study from Ritz-Carlton. He will also discuss how to avoid losing revenues as your buyers moving through the buying process.

January 31st (Private member event in Atlanta)

The Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ welcome John Buzzell, President of You Are Here, an innovation laboratory based in Atlanta. We will discuss the future of VR, AR, and its impact on marketing content strategy. John is going to talk with us about how CMOs can make sense of the dizzying array of Martech tools available to you today. He will also help our members avoid being seduced by the hype associated with AR and VR.

John comes to us with a panoply of experiences with Carnival, AT&T Digital Labs, Lexus, NBC, and Red Bull. John will help you understand whether your customers are clamoring for VR/AR, and how to define ROI for small, low-cost experiments in your organization. Contact me to apply and participate.

March 6-7 – Lisa heads to the studio with SkillSoft, New York NY

I’m very excited about my collaboration with SkillSoft this year. We are creating a series of Marketing Essentials e-courses.

The future of e-learning is bright. SkillSoft is the largest corporate learning platform.  They wrote the book on virtual professional development and growth. They have educated over 400 million professionals since their inception. I’m honored to be helping and teaching millions of marketing leaders across the globe.

Want to meet in New York City on March 7? Drop me a note. I’m hosting a luncheon for my C-Suite clients and longtime followers.

 March 9-11 – South By Southwest, Austin TX – Marketing Meet and Greet

The SXSW program team selected me to be a SXSW Marketing Mentor. Are you attending the conference? Let me know. I’ll sign a few books. Then we will grab one of those famous Gourdoughs Doughnuts and coffee. My treat. (oh, they also serve cocktails). Find SXSW details here:

April 9, Washington DC: Private member meeting, 8:30am-12 noon

Roberta Matuson

Roberta Matuson

Talent Maximizer and Top LinkedIn Influencer, Roberta Matuson, arrives in the nick of time! Amazon’s 25,000 person hiring blitz has already started in DC. Every top employer is nervous. And they should be.

Roberta is the author of five books on optimizing talent and hiring and retaining the best people. She knows what it is to get great people to join you—and how to keep them.

Her clients include Staples, New Balance, and Boston Beer. Roberta will be signing books, too.

Every member must make hiring, nurturing, and retaining marketing talent a strategic imperative in 2019. Hiring and retention are no longer HR issues. They are a C-Suite imperative.

April 11, Atlanta: Private Member meeting (contact me for details)

“By the Numbers: How to Cultivate Strong Alliances with Finance”

Steve Biagioni, VP of Finance and Kira Mondrus, CMO of QA Symphony. Inc. will share their insights and firsthand experience of leading the 4th fastest growing company in Atlanta. Their recent merger with global QA software leader, Tricentis, introduced a new set of demands on both Finance and Marketing. They will step us through those important lessons.

If your organization is planning any M&A or rapid growth in the coming year, you won’t want to miss this session. Steve will also co-host financial “hot seat,” so bring your toughest finance issue!

June 5: Washington, DC: Marketing Leaders of DC/Atlanta Confab and book signing with Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel

Bruce Turkel

CNN and MSNBC branding expert, author, and speaker, Bruce Turkel, will lead our discussion. His fifth book is It’s All About Them: Grow Your Business by Focusing on Others. Bruce and I met in Miami last month.

He is not only funny and engaging. He’s a standout branding and creativity contrarian.

Bruce led an agency in Miami for 18 years and helped to re-brand Bacardi, Miami Tourism, and Discovery. You will recognize him if you are a CNN and MSNBC viewer. They invite him to speak on branding and credibility issues. (We’ve seen a few of those in the past decade!)

Join us for these unique professional development and growth opportunities.

P.S. We are accepting applications from speakers for the 2nd half of 2019. If you are a C-Suite executive with a compelling story and insights for our members or are a well-known author who loves helping marketers, please submit your topic(s) to

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