Meet Our 2024 Beacon Award Recipient

We’re thrilled to announce Matt Blocher, VP of Marketing and Communications at CoStar Group is our CLIC 2024 Beacon Award recipient.

Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali
Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali

What a month! I traveled to two West Indies Island countries – Nevis and St. Kitts – and swam across a feisty and sometimes treacherous channel.

Back on land, I spent time with over 550 leaders, speaking at three events (two virtual; one in-person).

One of my most fulfilling moments will make your day, so keep reading.

It happened during our 8th CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC ’24). Our wonderful client, Pinki Mehta, hosted our Digital Innovation Day at Alliance Bernstein’s flagship Manhattan headquarters.

Here’s how the big day unfolded…

Each year, we select a senior growth leader for our Beacon Award. We honor and recognize their commitment to promoting shared knowledge, inspiration, and experiences. The recipient  models the traits of a strategic leader: open, real, and respectful. In addition, their teams and stakeholders see them as present and purposeful.
We’re thrilled to announce Matt Blocher, VP of Marketing and Communications at CoStar Group is our 2024 recipient.

CMO Matt Blocher receives the Beacon CMO Award from Lisa Nirell at CLIC 24

Photo courtesy of Marisa Cali

Here’s why Matt earned this prestigious award.

Over the past year, he and his team of 30+ marketers and digital savants navigated unprecedented change. They oversaw the integration of marketing messages, strategies and integrations required after multiple acquisitions. The annual run rate revenue for their acclaimed CoStar brand crossed $1B in Q12024.

Matt also actively participated in the juggernaut marketing campaign and Super Bowl extravaganza–a billion-dollar market bet. A launch like this is never easy for an established firm that is expected to preserve capital and reward shareholders. Somehow, Matt and his team can live in both worlds—applying their marketing chops to a mixed portfolio of new and established brands.

Dan Levy and CMO Matt Blocher celebrate at Super Bowl LVIII.

Dan Levy and Matt celebrate at Super Bowl LVIII.

Real estate industry peers took notice. After the launch, Matt earned the Inman All-Stars Award.

Our coveted Beacon Award is about more than success. It’s also about significance—applying your gifts and your soul’s purpose to make a dent in the universe. Here’s how Matt makes that difference…

Whether he’s leading team offsites or announcing team promotions, Matt consistently models his personal core values: Making an impact, being connected, collaboration, and accomplishment.

While many “swing from the fences” growth companies lose talent to burnout (think Amazon), Matt boosted team engagement scores to 89% in 2024. That almost doubled within 3 years– some of the highest across CoStar.

Instead of posting selfies on Instagram and LinkedIn, he regularly recognizes team members.

Finally, Matt focuses on what fuels him. For example, he schedules fun family getaways where he gets to unplug and spend time with his two teenage children. He and his brother also lead a family foundation.

Matt makes time for running and fitness, too. One of his favorite pit stops isn’t a local bar or restaurant. It’s early morning classes at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Here’s Matt’s response…

I am truly honored to be the recipient of this year’s Beacon Award. While this award recognizes my commitment to promoting shared knowledge, leadership and inspiration, that is exactly what I have received from Lisa and my fellow members of this amazing organization over the past few years.”

I encourage you to follow Matt’s career journey on LinkedIn (here). While it’s easy to get seduced by negative news, I prefer to be lifted by leaders making a positive difference in this fast-paced, AI-powered world.

Shine on, Matt!

I’ll share more updates from our robust CLIC ’24 discussions in future posts. Our community continues to inspire me—and it will inspire you, too.

P.S. We host at least one private, in-person cohort per year where we gather and celebrate “lights on” leaders like Matt. Apply to join our upcoming October Santa Fe, NM retreat at the Rising Circle Ranch here.

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