4 tips for Effective Decision Making (New Video)

Given our growing addiction to newness (per Nature Communications), we’re finding it tougher to focus.

In fact, did you know that researchers found that only 2.5% of us can be effective multi-taskers? And that, as marketing leaders and CEOs, it’s getting tougher to cultivate critical thinking?

Yes, FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing. I see it first-hand among some of my friends, as well as some clients.

And it’s killing strategic thinking and creativity in our organizations. Just ask the countless CMOs we serve, who express exhaustion, burnout and frustration in their current roles.

That’s why I’m committed to helping marketing leaders and CEOs make better strategic choices, and overcome growth challenges in this new cultural norm.

I put together a 3-minute video (insert link) to pass along my top strategies. Our best clients use these regularly. During our CMO peer group gatherings, we use these to frame our conversations, solve problems, and tease out new marketing ideas.

P.S. How would your business and life improve if you belonged to a group of trusted peers? Contact me and we can discuss whether membership is right for you.

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