CMO Member News: Jamie Gorski joins GID/Windsor

Lisa & Jamie hike the Acropolis, Athens Sept. 2019

Jamie Gorski, a Founding Member of the Marketing Leaders of DC™ and former CMO of Bozzuto, recently accepted a new CMO role with GID/Windsor in Boston MA.

Founded in 1960, GID provides fully integrated real estate development services. They develop, own and operate properties valued at over $17 billion and manage and own 124 investment properties.

 Jamie reports “My 10 -year journey with Bozzuto has been extraordinary. Now I have an exciting opportunity with Windsor where I will strive to build a stronger brand that connects to our customers and employees.”

Jamie’s new home base is Boston, my old college stomping ground. Now I have TWO excellent reasons to visit. Please join me in congratulating this industry icon, dear friend and “swimmie.”

This recent story is just one example of why I love my work, and watching our clients shine. Jamie is a model for how our CMO community members do better together. Here are just a few of the benefits they receive:

  • New ideas to attract and retain marketing talent
  • Access to my global network of agencies, advisers, and MarTech companies
  • Candid, confidential input on their marketing plans
  • Fresh ideas in a non-competitive setting
  • Feedback on their career strategies
  • Time and space to design the future—to escape the “order taker” role

Who’s your tribe? Contact me if you’re looking to expand yours and address these important areas—or if you are looking ways to kick-start your marketing career.

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