Pre-Pandemic Marketing is Under Siege

The 8 beliefs that are losing relevance

The dream of being a mindful, purpose-driven marketer is alive and well. It’s about improving your customers’ lives, creating jobs, and changing the world. And it is possible when you have the right tools, mindset, and community.

That universal marketing truth will outlast any protest or pandemic.

Yet the pandemic and protests have forever crushed some of our old perceptions.

As I recently prepared for my LinkedIn Livecast, I discovered 8 perceptions that are under siege. Here are a few of them:

  1. We suffer from a shortage of empathy. Yes, that’s true. But what is in REAL short supply are self-awareness and a willingness to be vulnerable. I have spoken with countless “hard charging” executives over the past 4 months who wonder why they cannot get their teams to stay committed and engaged. When I tell them that our world is experiencing collective grief, they react in disbelief. This is real. Learn how to listen and share your own grief so that they know you are not a wooden authority figure.

  2. MarTech and Programmatic Advertising have their limits.
    Based on a recent McKinsey study conducted during the pandemic period, 20% of consumers (both b2b and b2c) have shifted brands in the last 3 months. I believe that our audiences can only handle so many email barrages and prefer to tune out aggressive sales tactics. They have plenty of other buying options now.

    The high performing leaders are pausing the heavy duty selling and ABM programs and engaging live with prospects, customers, and future customers. Simply asking how they can help builds timeless goodwill.

  3. Everyone talks about being authentic. In reality, marketing with agility needs to happen first. Your stakeholders need to see that you care, and that you are responsive. For example,  I shifted to 100% virtual within a few days of the pandemic’s outbreak. Thanks to my colleague and trusted partner, Callyn, we converted 17 face to face peer group gatherings to 30 virtual meetings.

  4. Traditional marketers are told to “stick to their swim lane.” Instead, it’s time to expand and create new partnerships. Here are two worth noting:

    Bozzuto and The Container Store teamed up to offer residents closet design incentives. This became a popular centerpiece of the #bozzutostayshome program.

    Adidas and Allbirds are reducing carbon footprint by co-producing footwear together.
  5. Brands take a standFacebook began losing ad revenue from Ben & Jerry’s and Eddie Bauer over a week ago. Now,  other companies have jumped on the #Stophateforprofit bandwagon. If your organization is still contemplating how they will address systemic human rights violation and racism, it’s probably too late. Silence or empty platitudes speak volumes.

In my livestream replay, you will hear all eight marketing shifts, and what you might do to rise above them. I also challenge you to discuss these issues at your next team meeting:

  1. Where is your organization most vulnerable? (among these 8 marketing challenges)
  2. Name one action you can take NOW to address that vulnerability.

Feel free to email your responses to my personal inbox (confidentially), or share comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

The new world of marketing is unfolding before our eyes, so I will keep sharing what I’m seeing every week. Be sure to join us the first 3 Fridays of the month from 1:30-2 pm ET for our Mindful Marketer Livestream. You will love the lineup of guests we have booked through December. If you don’t already follow me on LI, please feel free.

Thank you for taking the “liberty” to take a stand for the power of marketing.

Stay safe out there in the summer crowds.

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